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NEW in 3D

QTAKE HD is a complex software application

designed and developed for video assist professionals.

It is used to log, capture, playback, edit and process

video output of the Digital Cinema Cameras.

This system is used by most wanted video operators

around the globe. QTAKE HD is updated on a monthly

basis using valuable input from real production environment

to bring you the best in HD Digital Video Assist.

QTAKE HD is a powerful, but easy to learn system, 

that integrates every aspect of modern video assist 

into the single solution. Extensive logging capabilities, 

rapid shot selection with tree-based visual browser, 

simple and intuitive non-linear editor, import and export, 

realtime overlay with blending, keying and wipe

... and much more.

QTAKE HDx2 provides unmatched Stereoscopy features:
Live 3D Processing, 3D Playback and 3D Editor.

Take your video assist services to a new level.

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