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CE VideoAssist Rental was founded by Viktor LONEK and Michal CHADIMA, Prague's most experienced and longest serving freelance VideoAssist  Operators in beginning of year 1999, to "legalize" their ongoing collaboration in an effort to supply virgin Czech Film Equipment Rental Market with high end Video Assist Equipment. Since than, our continuous effort, raising importance of Video Assist in filming process, significant portion of our rental income re-investment in new innovative pieces of equipment, and our involvement in majority of Prague's feature film production, resulted in CE Video Assist Rental being the number one choice for Video Assist Service for majority of feature film producers in Czech Republic.


As of 2007, CE Video Assist Rental Ltd. has an equipment rental list virtually unmatched by any European Video Assist Rental outlet. We stock wide array of equipment from world's leading manufacturers, customized or completely custom made to ensure we have a reliable, efficient and cost effective equipment package match for every shooting situation, including large, multi camera, visual effects heavy shoots. Our equipment proved to be reliable in very demanding locations, being it extremely hot and humid tropical climate in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, freezing cold and high altitude in French Alps, high altitude sand storms in Atacama Desert in Northern Chile, or rather pleasant caribbean climate of Bahamas... Even in most difficult situations, our service proved to be rock-solid and 100% reliable, and our clients continue to enjoy real round o'clock  support and stand by backup equipment instantly at their disposal, no matter where they are...


Although our business is based mostly on long term personal relationships with producers, their degree of satisfaction and their references, we have decided to publish this catalogue, to give brief overview on what we have to offer.

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