Videoassist rental - 1.5 kB

Cockpit2TM Digital Video Assist Hard Drive Recorder and Pre-Visualization System

Record and Instant Playback for 1 Camera

Suberb Picture and Sound Quality inherent in Matrox Prof. Codec

Precise 1 to 800fps Playback Simulation FWD & REV (Render Free)

Speed Ramp Preview with Multiple Ramp Points (Render Free)

Realtime DVE Multi Channell VideoEffects including Mix&Overlay,

Wipe,Chroma KEY, LUM Key, Picture Resize, Rotation, Flipping etc

Two Layer Compostioning in Synchronized Motion is Possible

400GB Overall Hard Drive Capacity

Up to 170 hours of Recording Capacity *

PAL/NTSC Compatible

Instant Access to Any Scene and Take

Extensive Database for Quick Scene&Take Search

Built-In UPS Power Supply to Prevent Power Failures

(10.5 kB)

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